ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 77

Medicine only taken when there's something to say Or thoughts to delay Wrapped up in the convergence of routine and life on instant replay. This is 40 in America That lonely housewife can only beg it's over soon While I was digging through the vault of sanity, I came across this morsel of delight form our old friend, DAVE JERSEY, a lyricist from New York. Dave is full of words and loves sharing them with the world. With this I can certainly relateā€¦ NOT A DREAM By Dave Jersey Out in the pouring rain the sun has long been set Alone on the road I'm way beyond soaking wet From out of nowhere a light shined on me It happened so fast it knocked me off my feet My body went limp I no longer felt the rain I slowly blacked out as I started to lift away This can't be happening this has to be a dream It's only inside my head that I can hear myself scream Submerged in liquid somehow I can breathe Surrounded by a light so bright it almost blinds me I can see silhouettes but nothing more than that A living nightmare I ended up where I'm at I'm filling with fear as the fluid begins to drain I slowly blacked out as I feel the oncoming pain This can't be happening this has to be a dream It's true that they say in space nobody hears you scream I opened my eyes to the rain hitting my face I'm back where I was in the exact same place I looked at my watch no time had gone by I can feel myself slowly about to lose my mind I'm feeling strange inside me I don't think I'm alone Things are getting worse now that I'm back at home This really happened this was not a dream As I looked in the mirror I could do nothing more but scream All too often life drags us down, steals our passion and fuels our doubt. Chaos will hear nothing of that. Massacre the silence and bring forth the plethora of inspiring blips that are destined to be. Let existence