ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 76

Music by THE FACTOR PROJECT “Echoes” By Shawn Joseph As we draw near to my favorite time of year I cannot help but fear the darkness as it nears. Welcome back my chaotic followers. This month I have felt extra crazy and I am certainly not alone. Whether you are looking for answers or just want to rock out, JEREMY MOORE and GO GO BUFFALO should have your ear. This next piece is an example of what you might find crawling in your ear should you ever get the pleasure to catch them live. Until you get that opportunity, you can check them out here: DAY DREAM By Jeremy Moore Doesn't that day dream make you think? Progress and attention is all we need. A housewife caught in a feeding frenzy of change Polarizing thought that makes her scream Only on the inside of course Because it can't be that easy. Reflection on regret Pondering of past promise What wasn't achieved Bitter because the bombardment obliterated her beliefs But on she goes The kids can't raise themselves you know And this becomes her last hope To bring up a being even though her heart is broke So on with that cigarette she continues to smoke Soul covered in filter burns And the ashes blanket her in a comfortable sense of satisfaction. That not all things just burn away, and with herself, she has a vendetta to disprove Day to day, and next to nothing to display The charity of others leaves her in dismay.