ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 71

Now there are those who broke away for GOOD REASON--they discovered something that was unethical about who they were with. But in my experience, is has been mostly for selfish reasons. You might say “RTFX, how does this grow to other areas that the entity might have not uncovered?” Simple--make sure your voice is heard within that entity. Everyone’s VOICE is important to growing OUR scene. Not locally, but GLOBALLY!!! While I’m on the subject, can we PLEASE stop the needless bantering and parochial inflections about people whom we don’t like? Here is another reason for the fragmentation. In an effort for others to MAKE A NAME for themselves, I have seen constant bashing of others in their OWN scene. I thought it was about growing the scene, huh? Plus, how trustworthy do you look when you punk someone out? You try to look cool to your own listening audience…what it does, is make you unprofessional and untrustworthy. There goes the credibility of your entity. The backdoor Facebook conversations? Oh please, don’t get me started! It’s like a worldwide classroom and everyone is passing a note under the global table. Be straight with each other and support each other. I am proud to stand firm on the foundation of the NEW ORDER and what the collective stands for! Work with each other honestly and openly. ROCK OUT TOGETHER and make it happen! As for you Mr. Simmons, the hypocrite…hmmmm, who killed the Rock industry? Maybe if you didn’t brand everything on the planet with your band maybe TRUE Rock and Roll would still be in the mainstream and not bastardized like you did!!!! Haven’t seen Zeppelin condoms lately have you? Or caskets for that matter? INDEPENDENT ARTISTS EVERYWHERE LISTEN TO ME--THIS WAS OUR CALLING TO BRING BACK ROCK from Underground Indie where it is now. Back to PROMINENCE!!!!! WE ALL CAN DO IT!!!! But NOT if we are fragmented. DJ RTFX is the creator of The NEW ORDER and NEUE REGEL RADIO @neueregelradio1 on twitter