ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 69

Rock Titan: So you did a lot of new songs tonight and there was one song you sang and you said you believe in Sasquatch? Is there a reason behind this? It was a great song by the way. Prosper or Perish: Yeah. People used to think that gorillas were a myth in the 1800's. Who's laughing now? (laughter) That's right. I'm just saying--don't put it out of your mind until you've seen the truth. They're going to take over the world one day (laughter). That's what the song “Squatchpocalypse” is about. It's half fact-half fiction if you read the words--which you'll find out this fall when the album drops. Rock Titan: Alright. So we're going to wrap it up here. Tell me all the places we can find you (your music)? ReverbNation, Facebook? Go! Prosper or Perish: We are the only “Prosper or Perish” out there. Google us, you'll find us. But, we're on Bandcamp,, Facebook, and you can get our original album “Defiant” for free. You can find us on Grooveshark.