ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 67

GRAND DESIGN is a Melodic Hard Rock band from Västerås, Sweden, that was formed in 2006 by singer/producer PELLE SAETHER. The band released the album “Time Elevation” in October, 2009 and ”Idolizer”, in 2011. And now, they are poised to drop their new CD, ”Thrill Of The Night” in October of 2014. I’ll jump right in by stating that my favorite track on this album is “Rawk 'N' Roll Heart Attack”--with its thumping bass, driving guitars, precision drums, and memorable melody and refrain. I am so enamored of this track, I would even proclaim it as a potential “hit”! The song “The Rush Is Gone” builds into a more intense mood, with its voracious vocals and tight harmonies. I also appreciate “You're The Only One“, a powerful offering, showcasing stellar musicianship and on-point harmonies— reminiscent of such great bands like WINGER or WARRANT. The energetic guitar work and resounding vocals of the anthem “Get Up 'N Love Someone” recalls the Hard Rock style of the '80’s, and one can hear DEF LEPPARD influences. I am a fan of singer Pelle Saether. He delivers his vocals with a clarity that allows you to understand the lyrics. This is demonstrated in the song “Thrill Of The Nite”, where Pelle’s vocals ring out, while vigorous guitar riffs and percussions all compliment the composition perfectly. The album’s opening track “U Got Me Good” again reminds me of the epic rock bands of the ‘80’s. Also brilliantly presented is the ballad “When The Greatest Love Of All Kicks In”. Additionally worthy of mention are: “Who's Gonna Rawk U Tonite” with heavier riffs and memorable rock melody; “Rip Iddup” with its catchy chorus; and “10 Outta 10”, bringing high energy and powerful rhythm, enhanced with an incredible solo. GRAND DESIGN offers Melodic Hard Rock merged with an influence of Hard Rock of the 80’s—although with their own distinguishable sound. In my opinion, quite an enjoyable listening experience with a high production value. It is contagious! 10 killer songs from this album will be surely amazing addition for lovers of Rock everywhere! Highly recommend!