ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 64

The list of musicians from Boston reads like Rock and Roll Royalty: AEROSMITH, BOSTON, THE CARS. DROPKICK MURPHYS is pure Punk. DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR is Hardcore Metal. So, where does a Half-Italian, Half-Persian Pop Rock singer named Jamie Alimorad fit into the mix? He fits quite nicely. The use of the internet, with over 400 social media sites and electronics that fit in the palm of your hand has given musicians everywhere the ability to reach out and touch someone. Jamie Alimorad has done just that. He has more than 2 million views for one of his songs on YouTube to prove it. So, what are Jamie’s favorite Boston Bands? “I'm a sucker for the classics, so my favorite Boston band is BOSTON. ‘More Than A Feeling’ is one of the most iconic Rock songs. ‘Amanda’ is one of my favorite ballads. I've also had the pleasure of working with members of DREAM THEATER, who came out of Berklee.” Jamie is from Harrison, New York, and now calls Boston home, where he got his start in the music industry. He tells us about one of his most exciting moments: “The biggest is probably singing the ‘National Anthem’ at Fenway Park before a Red Sox game. As a big Red Sox fan, and representing my graduating class on Northeastern Night, it was really a dream come true.” Jamie has worked hard to gain momentum in a very competitive industry: “I've often compared today's music scene to a Tokyo subway; a lot of people crammed in a small place and every now and then someone squeezes out. With so many options and so many platforms to listen on, people have more choices now than ever. Add that to a fast-paced life where we're attached to devices at all times, and you have a recipe for a different type of experience to the days when vinyl was king.” “When it comes to the artists who have inspired me, none have done it more than THE TUBES, THE BEATLES and RICK SPRINGFILED. But when you say ‘music industry’, that means bringing in everything else, and for that I have to say SAMMY HAGAR. Sammy is absolutely brilliant! An amazing singer, songwriter and guitarist, Sammy has also expanded into so many other ventures and has a strong sense of who he is. His autobiography ‘Red’ made me love him so much more and he's someone I really look up to in the business.” Jamie has scheduled several performances later this year, including a show in NYC in October 2014. He’s ready to take it to the next level and we will be see more of Jamie Alimorad in the near future. He will release a Live EP that was recorded at “Two Old Hippies” in Nashville during his recent tour. Look for it fall 2014. Official website: Facebook: ReverbNation: