ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 63

Music by JAMIE ALIMORAD “That’s What She Said” Boston’s New King of Pop By Yvonne Day There is a handsome young man strutting and singing around New England’s largest metropolitan city and he’s turning heads everywhere he goes. Let me introduce you to JAMIE ALIMORAD. The first question I asked him is “How do you pronounce your name?” “It's pronounced ‘Ally-more-odd’." Jamie contacted ION Indie Magazine through our on-line submissions and provided an EPK that is quite impressive. I was able catch-up with him after he wrapped up a 5 city tour of the U.S. in September. He is filled with enthusiasm and applies that energy with a sensible approach to everything he does to achieve his life-long dream and aspirations of becoming one of POP Music’s most successful performers and producers. As a Singer, Songwriter, Instrumentalist and Producer, Jamie performed as a solo artist in 2009--getting a lot of attention in the underground Boston club scene. After he graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in music technology, he released his first EP *Cornerstone. Many of his songs are about women, love and relationships. As expected, he has a huge female fan base. "She is..." from his first EP “Cornerstone” DEF caught my attention--with his catchy lyrics, Punk Rock and instrumentation. I especially like the guitar work 3 minutes into the song. Jamie’s other songs have a tint of GREEN DAY or WEEZER in the mix. Then he flips on the charm, slows it down, and delivers a love song with vocals that remind me of young RICHARD MARX. His first full-length album “Words Left Unsaid”, released in July 2012, has twelve songs incorporating the elemental sounds of Punk, Rock and Pop, and Jamie makes them sizzle. The production aspect is one of his strong suits and his original songs are becoming more commercially successful. BOSTON, Massachusetts, has a rich history, hip urban influences and a plethora of cultural entertainment and enlightenment. It is commonly known for The Boston Tea Party, Boston Marathon, Boston Pops…Fenway Park, Harvard, Boston Baked Beans. We shouldn’t have to state the obvious, but I will anyway: Some of the finest American music and Rock bands originate in Boston.