ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 59

MOTÖRHEAD, ZZ TOP, GREEN DAY, ELP, MUSE, CREAM, NIRVANA, THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, THE POLICE, RUSH—vastly different bands with equally varied styles…what do they all have in common? They all represent powerhouse “trio” bands that in spite of their small presence, make a BIG noise that has resounded in music history. Enter UME (pronounced ooo-may). This frenetically energetic and deliciously undaunted Austin-based band is apparently tossing their proverbial hat into the ring and are poised to claim their place amongst these heavy-hitters. UME is ‘shot-out-of-canon-and-stand-you-upstraight’ RAWK! They “throw down” with genrebending music that encompasses Pop, Punk, Rock, Metal--and some yet-to-be-named category that identifies the uniqueness that is UME. They are currently one of the heaviest LIVE bands found on any Indie Hard Rock roster--anywhere. Formed in 2002, UME personifies the survivor pioneer spirit that beats in the heart of the most resilient Independent artists. Their “never-say-die” battle cry is born of years of a nomadic existence on the road—buoyed by the roar of their countless adoring audiences echoing in their ears. LAUREN LARSON (guitar/vocals), ERIC LARSON (bass), and AARON PEREZ (drums) meld into a mash-up of “take-noprisoners” music that grips their audience by the throat, throttles them and deposits them spent--and lying in a puddle of their own sweat. Lauren’s waif-like looks belie what simmers beneath the seemingly serene surface. Her countenance is more reminiscent of an ethereal moon goddess braiding daisy chains in a meadow. The reality of this “Princess of Perpetual Motion” is a churning, hair-whipping, leg-flailing rock warrior--wielding a WMD emitting shrapnel of searing sound. Lauren leaves it ALL on the stage—and with each exhilarating performance, her guitar spikes a fever that is stoked by her fiery vocals. Self-taught guitarist Lauren’s roots were planted in the Punk movement. This diminutive Rock dynamo met Eric Larson when she was 15 and performing in a Grind Core band on a skate park vert ramp. The skate park sweethearts eventually moved to Pennsylvania where Lauren pursued a degree in Philosophy. This was eventually set aside in pursuit of her waking-dreamturned-reality UME. Joined by Aaron Perez, today’s UME is a study in contradiction, boasting elegance and brutality; strength and fragility. These dichotomies are evidenced in the UME offering of 2014, their CD “Monuments”. This CD serves as a canvas for UME’s emotional investment in their music, while showcasing the devilish “wail and flail” ferocity that renders the listener slapped to attention and asking for more of the same PLEASE. UME serves pure music with none of the “tricks of the trade” that are often manipulated or manufactured in the studio. This CD emits all the punch and power that is fueled by a LIVE performance!