ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 57

And multi-talented Shania is no stranger to recognition. Some of her other credits include “Best Lead Actress Award” District Competition 2008-2009, “Best Lead Actress Award” in District and Provincial Competition 2009-2010, and “Karaoke Superstar Challenge Grand Winner” 2010. And now she adds NB Canada “Dream Night Talent Search Winner” 2014 to her list of prestigious accomplishments. Says Shania of her recent triumph on “Dream Night Talent Search”, “My experience was beyond incredible! I met so many talented and kind musicians who all love doing the same thing I do. It was especially easy to connect with the little kids--they all sat around the piano as I played and it was so cute! With the older contestants, it was so easy to be around them because I already knew them. So many of my friends were a part of the experience and it was great reconnecting with them all!” Shania is grateful for all the valuable advice she received during the process, “We had mentors and judges that were all very kind and helpful. I loved that they were really there to help us all as singers and as individuals, rather than as a whole. They got down to the root of each of our voices--which was very cool to see, since everyone has a different voice.” She enthusiastically continues, “The stage--WOW! The audience--DOUBLE WOW! I love the feeling of being onstage, and the audience being so into it--their cheering was the cherry on top of a perfect day! I really enjoyed the experience and I certainly recommend it to anyone who loves singing. What you learn there, you take away with you for the rest of your life. I made great friends, had a total blast, and loved every second of it!” Shania won $1000, a professionally-produced performance video, free global distribution of her music and many other valuable prizes donated by the promotional team of sponsors. Congratulations, Shania Fillmore! ION INDIE MAGAZINE will definitely have its eye on Shania Fillmore and is proud to introduce her to the readers. You can learn more about this rising star at: