ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 51

Jeremy: Mike, definitely Mike. Everybody has a perception of what we should sound like. That was the reason we used it. Brandon: I’ve had people come up after the show and say, “I really thought you were gonna get on stage and Rap the whole time.” (all laughing) Jeremy: We also push for him to Rap and he hates it. Brandon: I think this album is gonna show you a lot of Punk, a lot of Metal. Jeremy: Metal? No, we’re not Metal. Brandon: There is an acoustic one, a ballad. We’re just really mixing it up. JP: You’re not being held to a label telling you what you ought to be. Jeremy: We are gonna do a JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, which is kinda cool. Jason: I told him (JP Rawk) that your (Jeremy’s) perception of what this band is heavy music with Justin Timberlake vocals. JP: You’re not necessarily looking to get signed, right? You’re comfortable doing things the way you’re doing them. Jason: Not unless there is a boatload of money AND we get to stay local. Jeremy: It’s funny, because we get offered stuff sometimes and we’re just like “No!” and people are like “Why?”…because I don’t wanna do it. That sounds like a lot of work (laughing). I did not get in a band to play shows (laughing). Jeremy: Doing interviews with us is crazy. JP: Yes, it is crazy. Jeremy: You’re lucky there’s nobody eating right now. There’s usually somebody eating. JP: Bojangles? Jeremy: No, I’m still a Popeye’s guy. This interview has gone horribly wrong. (joking) It always ends on food. (laughing)