ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 50

JP: Not NEW YORK DOLLS type Punk is it? DC: No, no, no. What era is it? 90’s? Without saying Pop-Punk, it’s kinda Pop-Punk mixed with RapRock. Kind of a POD influence. Jeremy: This is also a song that people can come in, purchase studio time and be on the album with us. JP: I can pay to be on it? I know that I can’t hit the high notes like Brandon, but I can be on it? DC: On our presale package CD, you get the CD, a digital download, cassette, your name in the thank yous, and you get to be on it in the gang vocals, have a pizza party with us and stuff. JP: Any plans for a short run or regional tour? DC: No, we all have jobs. We definitely are looking to branch out. JP: You haven’t really been in Baltimore have you? DC: Baltimore is so picky, if you’re not from Baltimore, you don’t tend to get picked up for Baltimore. So many times when you’re down there you have to sell tickets for shows. We’re way up here (Inwood, WV). How are we gonna sell tickets down there? JP: Why do we take what’s force fed down our throats on radio? DC: 101.5 Bob Rocks, never saw a radio station like that. They are very good supporters. They still stick to the program, but that’s what a radio station does. It’s their job to try to make money, but they are very supportive of local music. JP: When was the band conceived? Jason: 2011 we played one show. Basically we came out in 2012. Since our CD release in 2012, we’ve only played 5 shows that have not been with nationals. JP: So you don’t hate each other? Jason: Jeremy hates everybody (all laughing). We’re really like brothers. We love each other. We fight. We pick on each other profusely. Jeremy: If anybody else messes with us, then you got a problem. When we all mess with each other… JP: Who came up with the new album title? Why “The Perception”?