ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 49

Jeremy: Yes, and if you kept going I would say yes to other ones. Jason: NuMetal, Hard Rock, Rap-Rock. Jeremy: I guess if we looked hard enough we could find someone we could identify with. The world is a big place and there are so many bands. Locally, meaning the Tri state, we are very different. JP: I have a question that comes from a young man by the name of Tyler Ferencic. His question is: Do you believe the mainstream music industry is more concerned with looks and gimmicks or talent and showmanship these days? Jeremy: That’s a tough one. This question came from a 15 year old? He must notice something. DC: They will tell you image is everything. Even with local bands, image is everything. We don’t care. We are not trying to “make it”. It’s image. It’s definitely image. JP: BLACK SABBATH, OZZY or DIO? Mike: Dio was a better front man, but I like more songs that Ozzy was on. Brandon: I think Ozzy’s got better songs. JP: Have you heard DAVID LEE ROTH’S vocals isolated? Jeremy: David Lee Roth was an amazing front man. I liked the serious type songs when Hagar was with them. I mean, they put out some good music. You wouldn’t have gotten the serious side if Roth was in there all those years. JP: So when is your new album “The Perception” due out? DC: (All laughing) This is a sore subject. You’re about to break up the band (laughing). Yep, we’re done after this. Brandon: I would ideally shoot for around Christmas. JP: How does it compare to the first album? DC: In what way? It still sounds like us, but we took a little more liberty with not fitting in one genre. JP: Did I hear you say Punk? DC: Yeah, there is some Punk here.