ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 48

Jason: It’s actually, when my wife and I met she had a son who was one year old. Her last name was Cain and this band developed about the same time I was ending the battle with being able to adopt my son, so Defending Cain came from that. We let people think whatever they want, but that is the true story. JP: I’m actually curious about the song “Letters to the Dead”. DC: Mikey, our drummer, is really into paranormal and the song is a take on how we can communicate with the dead. Jeremy: I grew up 5 minutes from here in a house that no one died in, nothing happened. However, my brother, me, and my parents, all witnessed the same things happen constantly. The house was blessed by our church twice. It went away for a while, but it always came back. There were three different spirits or whatever you wanna call them that were there pretty much all the time. Mike: There are EVPs in the song. They come from Gettysburg, Charleston, SC, Moundsville, WV. Jeremy: So, meanwhile, they let me here (In the studio) with all these weird voices. Kiki: What comes first, the melodies, music or lyrics? DC: Music always. Brandon: For me, I can’t write unless there is paint on the wall. When I write I see a lot of different colors and they need words on top of them. I have a hard time writing lyrics if there is no paint. Jeremy: (to Brandon) You weren’t, per se, a singer before. Brandon: Still ain’t. (all laughing) Jeremy: This guy (Brandon) can play every instrument better than us, yet he decides to sing. JP: You guys say you are creating a new breed of heavy music. DC: We originally said that, yep. JP: What is it? Jeremy: We were talking earlier and we have no idea what our genre is. JP: Would you say it’s Alternative?