ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 44

CD Review by Kat Zee DIVIDED WE FALL is a female-fronted Symphonic Metal band based in Stafford, United Kingdom and formed in 2011. The band released their EP in 2012, and this year on May 10th, they delivered their debut album “Dreamcrusher”. Wonderful piano work opens the track “Dreamcrusher”, creating an ambiance akin to NIGHTWISH. This is coupled with rich vocals that are reminiscent of those found in EVANESCENCE and WITHIN TEMPTATION. Also present is a full Symphonic sound enhanced by an impressive guitar solo! Vocalist Philippa Ricketts has a voice that connects with the listener, haunting and mysterious. Also memorable is the track “Until I Win”, with double-step drums and true Opera vocal. Sensational vocals set the stage for the powerful track “Escaping Wonderland”, with echoes of the band XANDRIA resounding in the chorus, demonstrating the many facets of this band! The instrumental offering “Departure” takes the listener on a whole different journey with the lighter keys that deliver a change in mood that builds with the buoyance of heavier guitar sounds. “Revenge” marries the nuances of solid vocals, epic keys, precision drums, and larger-than-life guitars, and serves a harder, driving sound with the force of a Symphonic tsunami. Also noteworthy are: “Fight for Love” with heavier mood and memorable chorus, “Haunted” with heavy lower riffs and an energetic mood, “This Ship Has Sailed” with its smorgasbord of Symphonic elements, and the calmer “Dream My Life Away”. DIVIDED WE FALL, with its new debut album, is worthy of inclusion in any Symphonic Metal library. Their music showcases their expertise as musicians, with a backdrop of the Gothic. Production value of this album is on a high level and it is distributed through an Independent label. This band will surely will be recognized on a global level for this album…which I hail as “Symphonic Metal Masterpiece”!