ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 43

AN OPEN BOOK: AN EVENING WITH JUSTIN FURSTENFELD Story and Photos by Timothy Schumann September 9, 2014 at Tricky Falls in El Paso, TX, JUSTIN FURSTENFELD of BLUE OCTOBER performed his solo project "An Open Book: An Evening with Justin Furstenfeld”. It was a breath of fresh air to attend such an event! The entire venue was seated (for a change)…and Justin held the audience at rapt attention with his skillful storytelling between each one of his songs. The atmosphere, unbelievably calm at times (you could hear a pin drop), became charged with energy when Justin performed his songs from Blue October. It was a fantastic show! I recommend “An Evening with Justin” to anyone who would enjoy experiencing the man, his guitar--and the entertaining tales of his rise to success as the front man of Blue Justin Furstenfeld with Photojounalist Timothy Schumann October.