ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 30

JP: Where do you see Torque, 3 years from now? Torque: On stage somewhere going strong, or in a Turkish Prison. JP: Music and talent or looks and gimmicks, what is more important in 2014? Torque: To us, it would be music and talent. We respect talent. JP: IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST? Who would you rather see? Why? Torque: Jeff would probably go with Iron Maiden, because of STEVE HARRIS. Rob is more of an ANTHRAX/METALLICA/SLAYER/PANTERA guy--likes the energy of Thrash and Groove Metal. Brian is a BLACK LABEL SOCIETY/CLUTCH guy. Steve likes GODSMACK and TOOL, among other stuff. JP: Who is your favorite unsigned band out there right now in the Baltimore market, other than yourselves? Torque: GHOST OF WAR. The talent in that band is extremely deep. No weak links. JP: I often say music is life. What do you make of that? What do you think makes music so important to human beings? Torque: It’s hard to say. Music can be your life, but be nothing but background music to another. One person could appreciate complex polychordal or bichordal arrangements, and polyrhythms. Another may enjoy listening to Justin Bieber cough up a hairball. To us, it is a big part of our chosen life, but it is also a part of who we are. I can’t imagine life without it, but for some it means much less. JP: I want to thank you for taking the time for this interview, but before we wrap, I want to give you a chance to add whatever you would like? So the floor is yours… Torque: (Rob)--Being a good musician who expresses themselves through their craft trumps pretending to be a rock star. “Promoters” need to look up the word “promote”--it does not mean pimp. If you are in it for the money, you are in it for the wrong reasons. If you take yourself too seriously, you are probably a joke. It is an honor to be able to share the stage with Brian, Jeff and Steve. I have a great deal of respect for them, and consider myself lucky to be in this band. Without the music--it’s just a scene. JP: Thank you. Good luck with the new album. I can’t wait to get a copy in hand. Torque: You’re welcome, thank you! You can find Torque on the following sites: