ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 29

TORQUE, a hard rocking quartet from Charm City, Baltimore, MD, are getting ready to drop their version of Charm City madness on us with their new self-titled CD, which is now available. I can tell you that this interview is filled with humor, but the music is as serious as a heart attack. So give them a listen and if they come to your town, take in the live show. JP: Tell me about the members of Torque. What instruments do they play? How long have they been in the band? Torque: STEVE BRAMI (original member), drums/percussion; year 6, BRIAN WINKELMAN (original member), lead guitar/vocals; year 6, JEFF ATKINSON, bass guitar; year 2, ROB THOMPSON (original member), vocals/guitar; year 6. JP: It’s tough out here now and has been for a while for bands--even great ones to pack clubs. I personally believe Baltimore has one of the best scenes in the country. What one thing do you feel Torque has that separates itself from others in the Baltimore market and that can help you fill clubs? Torque: We all believe that we have a unique chemistry that allows us to express ourselves as musicians, without having to compromise too much of our individual musical personalities. Torque is each of our solo projects. All of us place an emphasis on the music, and the execution of that music, over anything else. Some people respect that, and come out to see us. JP: I understand you are getting ready to drop new music on us. What kind of vibe is it? What would make us go out and buy it? Is there any other band you think you resemble musically on this CD? Torque: Aggressive, and no resemblance. Although some may say it has all been done before, and you could classify and label what we do, there are different influences at work, allowing for a slightly new spin on heavy music. Every lyric and every note mean something. You can feel it. JP: You are releasing it yourselves, correct? Torque: Correct. This album will be written, recorded, produced and distributed by Torque. JP: Where we be able to buy it? Torque: Available at our shows. Check on Facebook at for our upcoming show dates, band videos and previews of what is to come. JP: I get out and see many, many bands. Music is my passion outside of my other work. What are your passions outside of music? Torque: Brian makes hand-crafted leather goods, such as custom guitar straps, wallets, gimp masks and just about anything else you can think of. You can check it out at Jeff is into motorcycles, beer, and used to be heavy into bodybuilding. Steve enjoys twelve hour workdays and football. Rob enjoys milk, caffeine and hate. JP: Do you guys have any plans for a tour or mini-tour in support of the new CD? Torque: We are looking to spread out a little. We’ll begin to piece something together at the completion of the album. Look for us anywhere around MD, PA, WV, VA and DE. Jeff is currently trying to book a tour of women’s correctional facilities for 2015.