ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 26

the disc. Bands like IRON MAIDE used to do limited edition picture discs (albums) and that was really cool. So, we wanted to do that sort of thing--something that people who have followed us from the beginning could have you know? After PSOB, we started working at MICHAEL WAGENER’S place in Nashville to track and produce the songs as well. Prior to that, we had been tracking here in LA at Bob Kulick's studio "The Office" and mixing at Michael's. All of the music has just sort evolved throughout the process and experiences that the band has traveled through in the past year--it has been a crazy year! CeeJ: If you could play with anyone, who would it be and why? There are so many great artists looking to work with other off-the-chart artists. Maybe one of them will read this and say, I want to tour with Edge of Paradise. Now that would be SWEET! Margarita: Thank you. That would be sweet! Well there so many cool bands out there and it's awesome to meet them, we've played with many different bands and we always have a great time! We would love to tour with Iron Maiden. THAT would be amazing! CeeJ: Who are your influences that shaped you into what you are today? What have you learned from them to do and not to do? Margarita: The influences are many. There have been so many great artists to draw inspiration from along the way! The biggest influence over our music though has been learning to let the music evolve naturally. Our musical influences help guide our performance skills, or maybe push you to refine your chops in a particular way, but in the end you have to let all that go and just let the music breathe. The music guides you if you stop and listen--we just nurture it. We fan the flames a little here and there…plug it into the proper emotion, demo it, re-write, refine, track, finesse, mix--come to think of it, it is a lot of work! CeeJ: I am sure you get lots of messages, emails and letter from your fans. What fan letter or convo has touched them the most?? Margarita: Obviously, it means a lot to us when folks reach out and tell us that a certain song really hit them. We pour a lot of emotion into our music and we really want to hit a nerve, and if people can take away a positive message at the same time even better! CeeJ: You seem to take image seriously and have a great look. How important do you think imagery is in this business? Margarita: Thank you. Well, to be honest…the age we live in appears to be all about branding. We want to be able to continue this journey for a long time, and we invest a great deal of money into the production of our art (the music). Unfortunately, music has very small monetary value these days, so we have been very aware that we need to find ways to become more and more marketable without sacrificing our art. We joke that we have done more photo shoots than gigs. Of course it’s not true, but sometimes it sure feels like it! CeeJ: For me, music is part of life. It is much like the air I breathe. From the time I get up and throughout the day, I have something playing, all types of music, depending on my mood. Describe the type of music you play for someone who hasn't heard it yet.