ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 20

to lots of musicians who have experienced this. But, when I’m playing Blues or Blues-based music, there is a zone like no other.” Becky has been playing various festivals and gigs with a trio, THE BECKY BARKSDALE BAND. Our backstage interlude concludes with this question: What has been your most challenging obstacle, breaking into the recording industry--if any, as a woman? Becky Barksdale with ION Journalist Yvonne Day “Hmmm, well it’s been tough. No doubt about it. But I will say things are getting much better, and better much faster. The culture is changing. For me music is not some competition and certainly not a competition between men and women. It’s communicating through your instrument--whether it’s your voice or a guitar or a mixing console or a tin can. If it’s real, it moves you” It was easy to talk with Becky about anything and everything. Photo credit: Yvonne Day She is probably one of the most humble people of her stature and celebrity whom I have ever met. I can imagine that when she actually gets time to settle down and free her mind, that she will still be working, contemplating the next show or lyrics for another song…or maybe, painting. For the record, I wrote this before researching her bio, webpages or any reviews and critiques. It was difficult, but I didn’t want other influences obscuring my opinion and personal experience with such a gifted performer. It’s that introspection; a part of ourselves that we rarely show to the outside world and the intimacy that is most appreciated when engaging in conversation. WHAT could I possibly inquire about that hasn’t already been asked a million times of Becky Barksdale? The facts may make your head spin. Check out her links and you may be surprised at the number of projects she has contributed to during her career. The screaming guitar for the “Mission Impossible III” soundtrack, Becky sings “Amazing Grace” for “Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Beginning” soundtrack--and so much more. The morphing of Blues and Rock articulate what many professionals strive to achieve, and BECKY has a winning formula that keeps her busy and opening more doors.