ION INDIE MAGAZINE October 2014, Volume 5 - Page 18

“My grandfather used to play ukulele and sing songs to me when I was a little girl, and he must have realized how much I loved it because on my 12th birthday, he gave me a nylon string 3/4 guitar made of plywood from Kmart. I think it cost him 12 bucks and I loved that thing. It actually played really well. I recently donated it to THE GULF COAST MUSIC HALL OF FAME and they have it displayed there.” “My first professional gig was playing guitar with a band…I think we were called ZEUS and we were one of the bands in a lineup at the “Winnie Rice Festival” in Texas. I remember we played lots of LED ZEPPELIN tunes. I was 16 and scared to death.” Who has been her biggest inspiration in the music industry? ”This is a really difficult question, I guess because my inspiration is always morphing, changing over the months and years. Lately I’m really inspired by great mixing engineers and amazing producers. But, in the beginning, I think THE WHO probably had the biggest influence on me. I started playing guitar so I could be in that band.” She proudly proclaims that while other kids were hanging up pictures of DAVID CASSIDY or BOBBY SHERMAN, that she had posters of THE WHO plastered all over her walls. Becky’s love of music is quite diverse. Among her long list of current favorites is THE BLACK KEYS. Becky elaborates on some of the other ladies that play on her stereo: “I like a pretty wide variety of female artists as well, from PATTI SMITH, BLONDIE to SIA, JANELLE Photo credit: Yvonne Day MONAE. I recently have become obsessed with JHENE AIKO--she has such a unique vibe. There’s not any genre I don’t listen to. To me, it’s like when you travel abroad. It’s interesting how you learn more about your own country. When you listen to styles of music that seem completely unrelated to your own style, you learn something about yourself.” Who would be a part of your "Dream Band" for one night on stage? “Wow! I think playing with KEITH MOON would be an amazingly fun ride. I’ve been fortunate enough to actually play with musicians that I only dreamed of working with when I was a kid—MICHAEL JACKSON, RICKY LAWSON, LARRY TAYLOR, HUTCH HUTCHINSON, JAMES GADSON--just to name a few. I’ve been so lucky and learned so much from some of the greatest players on the planet.” It’s an exhilarating response that you hear from people when they learn that Becky played guitar and toured with “The King of Pop”, MICHAEL JACKSON. So I asked, what has been her favorite venue for a live performance and why: