ION INDIE MAGAZINE May 2017, Volume 36 - Page 95

Hello there, once again. Welcome strangers, welcome friends. Spring is merely passing through, summer is coming to steal your view. The journey is wondrous if you let it be everything it is meant to be. Seize your dreams every single day. But for now, you should step into my cave. Time is moving beyond the scope of perception. Melodies carry the torment and joy of those they inspire as the wind sways the chorus into refrain. Can you contain the madness within? The silent agony of life screaming to break free…it is quite comforting. Embrace that which inspires your heart--for it is there that is birthed the most amazing of the arts. This month we had a visitor swing by all the way from Los Angeles, California! Singer/songwriter KIKEE BAH shares some of her soul with us in this piece. For more of Kikee and her work, swing over to: Friends By Kikee Bah Did I ever mention That I’d really like to know Why when I walk on by You pretend out loud That you didn’t see me though And Did I ever mention That you keep me on the low But when a man comes by Try to feel my vibe You would lose it on the go You gotta take over what’s left And I won’t forget your mistakes Though we started as friends We started as friends I gotta take care of myself I won’t forget your mistakes Though we started as friends Did I ever mention That I’m better off, you know And when you hold on tight Try to get me back I would always say no And did I ever mention What goes around Will hit you though You don’t believe in that On my snapchat app Back to back How sad though Did I ever mention That I was on a mission To keep you on obsession mode Did I ever mention That good communication Is vital to the perfect mode I cannot express with words alone the importance of life and letting things go, as we pour out our souls onto canvases of tunes. The sadness sometimes completely consumes. You must find peace with who you become. For within your own walls is where most come undone.