ION INDIE MAGAZINE May 2017, Volume 36 - Page 91

She has composed two studio albums to date—her first being “Fickle Heart” (September 2014) and her latest offering, her acclaimed CD, appropriately named “Honest” (March 2016), with its title forecasting the relatability of the content: REAL emotions…honest. And it is apparently hitting its mark…in fact, it boasts over 10 million plays on Spotify…not too shabby for an indie, huh? Ira looks forward to releasing her next creative works, slated for later this year—in between tooling around in her 1988 VW Vanagon and hiking up and down mountains, indicative of her penchant for the bohemian lifestyle of a true artist. This engaging artist personifies the independent spirit, and her depth of emotion resounds in the pureness of her enticing melodies. The AyerWaves Underground Music Festival kicks off on June 1 st and will run until June 4 th . All the sights and sounds can be experienced at 517 Adkins Trail, Winfield, TN. For more information on the festival, visit the web site at: IRA WOLF • VIDEO • “BABY” (WESTY SESSIONS) • • •