ION INDIE MAGAZINE May 2017, Volume 36 - Page 9

JP: Is the writing a collaborative effort? RG: You know what, it is becoming that. I’ll explain myself real quick. When we first got in the band, when we first decided to do this, Polo had almost all of “Karma” laying around. Now some parts have been changed. Some five-minute songs have become three-minute songs. As a whole, Polo has had these things laying around for a couple of years. We worked on them together and we changed and wrote and rewrote, but a lot of this record when it comes to the writing, the credit needs to be given to Polo Staber. The new material is a collaborative effort. JP: You have a new video coming out. What song is that for? RG: “Hell to Pay”, which was the first single off of the record, which was mastered by BILL LEVERTY of FIREHOUSE. We were able to wrap that up while we were on tour. We took two days and rolled into Kentucky, where it was twenty degrees and raining. We got rained out the first day, and got up the next day to a nicer day--about 35 or 40 degrees--for some Florida boys with cutoff shorts (laughing}. It came out really, really well. We’re very pleased with the effort everybody put forth. JP: At ION Indie Magazine, we were privileged to have access and write a review of your new CD, “Karma”. How would you best describe the sound you have created on the CD for those who haven’t heard it? RG: I would like to think of it as Newmachine at its best. I’d like to think it’s a little different than anything and everything that’s coming out, yet has the same nuances that everyone will like. I think if you’re kind of the 80’s throwback hair/metal type, you’re going to relate to it…if you like the FOO FIGHTERS, THREE DOORS DOWN, that kind of thing. I keep hearing like the modern-day SCORPIONS. I’ve had a couple of people come up and say that to me.