ION INDIE MAGAZINE May 2017, Volume 36 - Page 7

Always looking for opportunities in the music business is part of the story of success. This month, I had a chance to sit down with RYCHE GREEN, drummer of Florida-based NEWMACHINE. We had a great conversation about their new release, “Karma”, their tour, upcoming tours, the keys to success, and the music business as a whole. One thing is for certain--when you ask Ryche a question, you WILL get an answer. Newmachine is comprised of veteran rockers—besides Ryche Green—JIMMY MILLER, TOMMY WILLIAMS, POLO STABER and LORENZO “ZO” DELVECCHIO. Here is my conversation, as it unfolded, with Ryche: JP RAWK: I know you are all veteran musicians. Tell me about how Newmachine came about. RYCHE GREEN: I was involved with another project, MODERN SUPERSTAR. We got together and said, “Hey, let’s do half of Modern Superstar’s set and half of Newmachine’s set.” Suddenly, my mind starts spinning…we were getting into rehearsals together and we’re starting to write together. It’s like, man, this is pretty cool stuff with the lineup and everybody’s in Florida. You know, this could be really good. JP: You guys have been signed to indie label HIGHVOL MUSIC. How did you end up signing with HighVol? What did you look for in a deal? RG: I hit Bill up…you know BILL CHAVIS. I had been on Bill’s label for 8 or 9 years, since the BULLETBOYS days. I started sending him stuff. We got HOWARD LINDEMAN on board, world-renowned engineer/producer…incredible list of accomplishments. I just started filtering stuff to Bill. I said, “I kinda want to do this one on my own. I don’t really want a label. Can you point in the right place?” All those years I was with Bill, I just kind of took for granted. I didn’t learn all of the things I should have been learning, ya know what I mean? That side of it. Bill has always been management and PR. He’s been everything and he started listening to it and said, “What do you really wanna do? What are you really looking for?” and we just decided to do this one together--and it’s been crazy ever since--with what we have done and what we have going on. It’s just hard to believe it’s been such a short time.