ION INDIE MAGAZINE May 2017, Volume 36 - Page 45

Many words are tossed around to describe today’s “Millennials”--or “Generation Y”, which was first coined by Ad Age in 1993. Some of the most common labels are “lazy” and “unfocused”. The 2008 book “Trophy Kids” by Ron Alsop, delves deep into the phenomenon, referencing those born between the years of 1982-2000 as expecting rewards for minimal accomplishment. Time Magazine chimed in and slammed Millennials as the “Me Me Me Generation”—also defining the group as “narcissistic”. Any way you cut it, the criticism is harsh. I like to consider myself as someone that doesn’t subscribe to labels (unless they are on my clothes, shoes or purses). I accept folks at face value and am careful not to lump anyone into a certain classification or category. However, frankly speaking, when it comes to some of the independent artists I’ve run across in my dealings as both a music journalist and as a publicist, in certain cases, I’m sad to report that the criticism holds true. There’s a lacking of focus--and modesty and humility are not exactly traits that are embraced. And it is due to these encounters that I sat straight up in my chair when I was introduced to the band TRAPDOOR SOCIAL…and the socially conscious SKYLAR FUNK (vocals, guitar). My faith in this generation was restored—in spades. Funk not only dispels the critics lambasting Millennials as being self-absorbed, but he completely eradicates the notion in one swipe. He not only was humbly gracious for the opportunity to participate in this article—but additionally inquired as to how HE could help out and support THIS magazine—offering to assist by lending his hand (and band) in some capacity to promote ION Indie Magazine--and also, help in our quest to get independent music read about, seen, and heard. Truth be told, there was nothing “ME ME ME” about Skylar, not one iota of self-absorption. To the contrary—after doing research on this engaging young man with innovative ideas, I found a commitment to charitable causes—two of which are HOMEBOY INDUSTRIES ( and KIDS CANCER CONNECTION ( His generous demeanor was also evidenced in his and the band’s efforts on behalf of the music students at MESA RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In fact, I first learned about Skylar and Trapdoor Social through my friend and colleague JIM VACIK—producer and radio personality at 103.9 RXP in Colorado Springs ( son AJ VACIK, is a drumline member of “The Pride of Mesa Ridge”, the school’s marching band. The music students were invited to provide musical accompaniment for the band’s music video, “Fine On My Own”. Trapdoor Social--whose members include (besides Funk) co-founding member MERRITT GRAVES (vocals, keys), LOUIE GONZALEZ (guitar), PATRICK GRIFFEN (bass) and BEN EBERT (drums)--then utilized this experience as a springboard to raise funds to support the school’s music program. Not a semblance of selfishness in this band of Millennials…and the only “attitude” displayed, was one of selfLESSness.