ION INDIE MAGAZINE May 2017, Volume 36 - Page 27

TS: What are your passions, outside of your musical career? AW: My passions really revolve around taking care of, not just myself, but other people as well. I’m very passionate about keeping yourself happy and healthy--and part of that extends into helping others. I am very active in my work to support our service men and women, along with our veterans. I love to donate time and money to great organizations like “Pets for Patriots” and “Stop Soldier Suicide”--who help veterans and their families. I also do a lot of work with animal rehabilitation and adoption organizations. My favorite one has to be “Mobile Minis”, who rescue miniature horses and then train them to be pet therapy animals so we can visit care homes and medical facilities to brighten people’s days. TS: Can you give me a couple of words that describe 2016--and what you look forward to in 2017? AW: 2016 was a big learning experience and a lot of hard work. All that learning and hard work-- put into 2016--will provide its fruit this year…with a new album I’m releasing titled “Simple Life”, as well a tour that kicks off in May. I also have a bunch of cool “side” projects involving YouTube and vlogging. So everyone can really keep up to date with everything that I’m working on this year! TS: I know you've played to 6 people and you've played to 600 people. As an artist, we know you want to play to that huge audience, but do you feel that you connect more with a smaller crowd?