ION INDIE MAGAZINE May 2017, Volume 36 - Page 21

The few that were in attendance were true Diamond Rio fans, and they were treated as such. Marty and the boys played all their solid hits, songs like the aforementioned “Meet in the Middle”, “How Your Love Makes Me Feel”, “One More Day”, and of course, “I Believe”. I am accustomed to a certain element of a show, seeing that I shoot mostly Metal and Rock, but you would have to be blind not to see the joy in those watching the show and enjoying these beloved country hit songs. I was almost inspired to run down to Tony Lama's and buy some cowboy boots and a real Stetson hat (j/k). But being here in the Southwest, it’s a way of life, as Country is a much-embraced genre in the Lone Star State. Diamond Rio is currently out touring the U.S.--make sure you catch this show and hopefully, you too, may experience a hankering to don a matching hat and boots and ride off into the sunset. Heck, I may even join you—with devil horns held high, of course! Hmmm…I wonder…is head-banging on a horse allowed?