ION INDIE MAGAZINE May 2017, Volume 36 - Page 20

Story and Photography by Timothy Schumann • When the Sun City Fair here in El Paso, Texas, announced the national acts they had performing during its two week stay, DIAMOND RIO was on the card. This didn't really do anything for me since I’m not really a fan of country music. But now after the fact, I am glad I had the chance to cover their show--especially after the research I've done on the band…these boys have made their name and left their mark in a very competitive industry! The band has been in existence since 1982, but here's the kicker—the have same line-up since 1986 and in my book, this alone speaks volumes. They fall in the category of Country/Christian…that’s a first for me. But regardless, this band has been nominated 52 times in 15 years for various awards, and out of those 52 times, they took the gold 7 times. You name it, they have been up for it: “Top Vocal Group”, “Album of the Year”, “Vocal Group of the Year”…and the list just keeps on going. Oh, I almost forgot--9 Albums in 24 years--and let’s not forget their hit song “Meet in the Middle” debuted at number one on the “Billboard Hot Country Songs” in 1991. So as I stated in the beginning, these good ole boys have been around the block a time or two…or 52! Now to the show itself…either Sun City Fair and/or the promoter fell a bit short of the mark promoting this event, hence not much of a crowd (maybe 100 and change)--which is so sad for such an accomplished act. Even MARTY ROE told the crowd: “This show had to be El Paso's best kept secret!” But it is El Paso, and the fact of the matter is, I have seen this time and time again here. It’s the reason, in my opinion, that a lot of nationals bypass this city…it’s either hit or miss.