ION INDIE MAGAZINE May 2017, Volume 36 - Page 11

JP: In 2017, when it comes to the mainstream music business, do you think they care more about looks and gimmicks or talent and music? RG: It used to be more about looks and gimmicks. In my opinion, now, it’s just about getting down to the music. You can’t shit your way through shows because you blow stuff up, or you put a lot of eyeliner on, or you’re good looking. We’re getting older. The audience is getting older with us. Now, it’s trying to capture that new audience, the younger people. I tend to find that to do that, you have to put out good quality stuff, because they can see through bullshit. It’s not what it used to be with all the glitz and glamour. I think you have to be viable musically now. I just think there’s a lot less smoke and mirrors with this younger crowd. We put on a good show and dress up, but you can’t shit your way. If you’re no good, nobody is going to buy the record. JP: With the economy kind of being down and people saying live music is a hard sell these days, why should someone spend ten dollars of their hard earned money to come out and see Newmachine? RG: If you don’t like my band, pay to see someone else’s band. If you don’t like my band’s CD, buy another band’s CD. Support live music. I grew up with it. You grew up with it. You take for granted that it’s never gonna stop, but some day, if people don’t keep behind it, and keep pushing it, it’s gonna get less and less and less and less. When you spend ten bucks to come out to our show, you’re going to get an event. We get there early. We hang out. We’re accessible. We have fan appreciation all the time. If you’re not gonna get the experience, you might as well just spend ten bucks, buy the CD and spin it when you want. You have to treat the fans with respect. JP: What one bit of advice would you give to a young aspiring musician that could help them on their path? RG: Be true to yourself. Take everything you can take from everyone. There is something to be learned from the worst person in the business and the worst player in the business. Don’t give up. Make opportunities for yourself. The worst dart player… think about this…the worst dart player, if you give him 1,000 darts, they’re gonna hit that bullseye with one of those darts. It only takes one bullseye to change your whole game. Stick at it and don’t shit on anybody in this business.