ION INDIE MAGAZINE May 2017, Volume 36 - Page 10

JP: You are just coming off of a tour run. What markets did you hit on this run? RG: We had Florida. We had the Carolinas. We had three or four different stops in Ohio and Kentucky. It was fun. We met a lot of great people. We started the tour in Florida, at Daytona for “Bike Week”. JP: Is there a particular market or show that sticks out to you as a favorite on this trip out? RG: They were all good, but I would have to say Toledo, Ohio--which was our last show with BILLY MORRIS, who spent some time with WARRANT. I’ve toured with Billy. I’ve spent time in his studio. He produced my band fifteen years ago. That one was really, really fun. It was the after party for “Rock the Arena”. Columbus, Ohio had a place called BOTTOMS UP--which a lot of our families and friends we hadn’t seen in ten or fifteen years came out for. Big kudos to Bottoms Up, LORI and MIKE BRAMONTE. Those two stick out, personally in my mind, as my two favorites. JP: What do you have planned for the balance of 2017? Will there be more tours? If so, where will you be heading to? RG: Yes, we have a DAVID REECE (former singer for ACCEPT) run coming up. It’s just a short ten to fifteen day run. Our summer tour is coming up. I’m probably not allowed to say who the headliner is. JP: I believe that is with EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE--but you don’t have to confirm that. RG: Our summer tour was to be us, Every Mother’s Nightmare and LA STORY. That was [H\[[Y\\Y][\[Y]]\B[\&\YX\K[^x&\H\[HXHHYH^B^\]x&\H[[܋H[^H\H[H\][[^\ۛKKX[]8&\\HܞH[H[ [ SۛۈXY[\]x&\H[]] x&[H\H][H]X[Y[H^YZ܈ˈx&[H]X\H^HˈH\ٙ]HTHۈX^H \ [H[H^HY[H M H\HۛHH[ܘY[Z[]YKKXBوX\]H][&]Y[[)\܈]H]\[^\\܈]H]\š[YZ\^ۘK