ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 9

GRAHAM WHITTINGTON New to our team, Graham Whittington resides in West Sussex, England, where he grew up with a passion for music. His pursuit of photography was born when he purchased what he calls his “first proper camera” back in the ‘70’s, a Miranda. However, the allure of Nikon soon beckoned--and has since held him in rapt attention! It was a natural progression to marry his fondness for photography with his love of music, photographing such iconic artists, as Paul Rodgers and Bad Company and “The Boss”, Bruce Springsteen. View his photography at Contact Graham at GREG HILD Philadelphian and new team member Greg Hild has a passion for shining a light (but not a flash) on performers with unique grooves that need to be heard by wider audiences. A musician himself, he has managed a blues outfit for 19 years, introducing him to a countless variety of artists. Captivated by the visual appeal that compliments the sonic, it was kismet that he would bring his camera to his local scene. Greg seeks to capture a diverse range of music throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. Now behind the lens for ION—and we’re glad he is! Visit Greg's photography site at Contact Greg at SHELDON SNOW Whether it's rock, pop, jazz, or blues—and everything in between---Sheldon Snow has a hip stylish approach in broadcast. He brings his engaging on-air persona and mix of music to the ION Indie Magazine-powered radio show "Eye On Jamz". Each week, Sheldon features the music of artists that are in the vanguard of the new generation; an eclectic exploration of music and in depth conversation that is both entertaining and informative. The show delves into the best of today’s independent music. Tune in every Tuesday from 4- 6:00 p.m. EST at www.neueregelrad хЁM)͹饹)%=8%5饹́ٽչѕȵՕɽи=ȁѕх́ɥ͕̰ͥ)ѽɅ̰ɹ́ɽ̰ͥݡ͔ѥٔ́ѼЁЁͥ)ɕа͕ɐ1ɸɔЁȁѥѥٔЁѡݥͥѕ)ܹ饹)ܹ%=9%5饹)輽ݥѕȹ%=9%i)ܹхɅ饹