ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 88

KP: You recently began hosting “Eye On Jamz”. Can you talk about your vision for the show? SS: Vision? Am I supposed to have one? Just kidding…to keep it an extension of myself, my curiosity, and to spread great music that the dumb asses at the labels don’t want to bother looking for. KP: How do you select your guests…what do you look for? SS: One word, QUALITY. You know, I don’t care about how many ‘likes’ or ‘views’ an artist or band has…I look for quality in the music. KP: What to you defines “a good song”? What grabs your attention? SS: A well-crafted song, whether it’s rock, blues, country, or jazz, give me something to bite into, something that stays in my head as an earworm for days. KP: What is your overview of today’s music industry? SS: It’s wide open, but very competitive. There are only three major labels left in the U.S. and they are looking for the same kind of sound that made them a hit before, and not into anything without a solid following. Anyone with Pro Tools can put something out from their bedroom--the talent pool is very watered down. And to quote some established artists I have interviewed: “If you have a passion for anything else you can make a living from, do that instead and keep music on the side.” With that being said, if you have talent, understand the music business and the business of music (as an indie, it is a full time job), and have the need plus desire for that…go for it. KP: Please give some advice to independent artists on how to be selected for radio airplay. What should they be doing? Any tips? SS: Produce a quality product, pay attention to detail. And email me. KP: Any parting words or final thoughts? SS: If you are an indie artist, gig, gig, gig. Even if it’s just open mics to start, the more you play the tighter and more polished your music gets, and you are growing a fan base you can build on. Oh, of course, listen to “Eye On Jamz with Sheldon Snow” powered by ION Indie Magazine and broadcast on the Neue Regel Radio Network at (Mic drop) *** Hear Sheldon Snow’s past interviews on “Eye On Jamz” Radio at: Email Sheldon for consideration for airplay at: And by all means, stop by the chat room at Neue Regel Radio on Tuesdays, from 4-6 p.m. EST for an eclectic mix of some of the BEST music EVER--and hear Sheldon rock that mic. Just like the music he plays—he’s worth a listen.