ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 87

SHELDON SNOW, veteran of the “radio game”, recently joined the staff of ION Indie Magazine, when he took the helm as our new host of our own radio show, “Eye On Jamz”. The show broadcasts every Tuesday, airing from 4-6:00 p.m. EST, on our esteemed radio partner’s network, NEUE REGEL RADIO (, owned by a great friend to this publication, MICHAEL PRESTI. I first became acquainted with Sheldon a few years back when he interviewed my friend JIM SKAFISH (the Godfather of Punk Music) on his then show, “Snow Jams with Sheldon Snow”. Of course, THAT caught my attention…the iconic Jim Skafish ( is a “don’t miss”, for sure! This was only underscored when I was handling publicity for the U.S. Promotional Tour for the incomparable KAZ HAWKINS ( and Sheldon requested an interview with Ms. Hawkins. I learned that LONG before the world jumped on the Kaz Hawkins’ fan bandwagon, Sheldon had recognized her greatness. She remains his most frequent guest, to date. I knew in an instant that Sheldon possessed an impeccable taste for music—and was definitely someone that I wanted to know. It’s funny how life comes “full circle”. Fast-forward to today--and Sheldon is now a valued member of the ION Indie Magazine staff…and we’re a better media outlet for his contributions! Kizmet perhaps? I like to think that there are no accidents in life, that some things are predestined. Like this interview, for instance. Which, like Sheldon becoming a colleague and friend, I file under “Meant To Be”… *** Kiki Plesha: Please tell our readers how you got started in radio. What was it about the “radio game” that attracted you? Sheldon Snow: I was a DJ for my college radio station back in the late 70’s and never lost the bug. But it wasn’t until about six or seven years ago when I was turned onto internet radio through a Facebook contact, and I was hooked again. I need to thank CORY MARCUS for giving me that start, and also talking me into doing interviews with artists and other music professionals (which I had no idea how to do at the time). Because of that encouragement, I have met and become friends with some of the best in the business. KP: If you had to pick one—what was your favorite interview of all time? SS: Wow, that’s a tough one…how about the one where I learned how to do a real interview? I had contacted Grammy-winning songwriter SCOT SAX for one, and he agreed. I was still pretty green, and asked him for a list of questions he would like me to ask--his response was, “Oh hell no, you have to work for this one!” I learned to do my own research and also found out that the artists really appreciate that kind of time and effort. It also turned out to be a pretty good interview as well. KP: Do you have a particular genre you favor? SS: I dig so many kinds of music, but I’m not really into accordions. KP: As a radio show host, you listen to a lot of music. In your opinion, what independent artist or band today is one we should keep our eyes (and ears) on? SS: Again, another tough question to answer, right off I would have to say THE DOLLROTS, THE CHASE WALKER BAND, THE KAZ HAWKINS BAND (I know you said just one but that’s impossible), THE DELTA SAINTS, JAYSON ANGOVE, and also a great country rock artist out of Alabama, DONICA KNIGHT.