ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 8

TIMOTHY SCHUMANN Senior Photojournalist Timothy began his journey with ION Indie Magazine covering his local music scene in El Paso, Texas. Tim’s lens has captured many “household names" for ION, including Judas Priest, ZZ Top, The Eagles, Ricky Martin and Marilyn Manson. He is equally passionate about independent music, and authored the cover stories for El Paso-based bands, Bash and Fall 2 Rise. Timothy spent a year in New Orleans, working as a photographer in the French Quarter. Now back in El Paso, Tim is picking up where he left off! Visit Tim’s page: Contact Tim at: SHAWN JOSEPH Shawn Joseph Peters—aka “Chaos”—is the author of the popular column for ION Indie Magazine, “Chaos’s Corner”, in which he features lyrics of songs penned by independent artists--with a dash of his own interjections for additional “flavor”. Shawn is also a talented singer-songwriter-guitarist with the band TFP, thus, he “walks the walk and talks the talk” of today’s hard- working indie artist. He recently delved into the photography realm with his new project “Chaotic Embrace”. Perhaps we’ll see some live concert photography by Shawn in the pages of ION soon? Contact Shawn at: TIM CAMPBELL Tim resides in Newark, Ohio, and is both a musician and sound engineer— besides being a Senior Journalist for ION Indie Magazine. He especially embraces the alternative music scene, but has a wide range of musical tastes. Our resident "wordsmith" for ION Indie Magazine, Tim's passion for music is evident in the coverage and insightful reviews he provides for ION. Tim has brought us such Ohio bands/artists as: The Scratches, Hafrican, and has branched out to conduct the interview with Zoo Trippin’ for this 2017 anniversary edition of ION Indie Magazine. We are stoked to see what is next! Contact Tim at: BRUCE LENZI Lovingly referred to as “The Godfather of Florida” and owner of ION Indie Magazine’s promotional broadcast partner, Twisters Music, Bruce "Twister" Lenzi has been an avid supporter of both this project and his local music scene. Of course, ION Indie Magazine was on hand for the “Twisters Music Birthday Bash”—with our own Jere Perry covering the festivities and Bruce holding “court”. Bruce now lends his time and talent to ION as our liaison for the Florida region and acts as coordinator for our music coverage there…Puh-Pow! Stop by and visit Twisters Music at Contact Bruce at