ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 69

he gets it right every time. Lead guitar player SEAN MAC lends his insane technique, innate sense of rhythm, and his dynamic performance to every single show--with weaving in and out of the crowds having become his signature style. Bassist JIMMY “RAY” HOAG, at 6 foot 5, stomps the stage as any great bassist should, with great tone, an incredible ear, and welcomed improvisational ability. Together, these talented musicians from NYC put on a scintillating show that draws you in with their sizzling sound and vibe. Their musical influences are numerous and diverse. In their earlier years, they took inspiration from bands like GUN N’ ROSES and AC/DC. As they progressed with their instruments and began to explore other genres, they would come to embrace the sounds of Jazz, Motown, Funk, and Hip Hop. One doesn’t have to listen too hard to hear all of these nuances in their music. They continue to seek inspiration from many artists, and have since upped the ante…adding AEROSMITH, EARTH, WIND & FIRE, and BRUNO MARS to their repertoire. Wild Planes understands the value of collaborations--whether it’s with a band, artist or producer. Given the opportunity, they would welcome working with the likes of the amazing STEVEN TYLER, FUTURE and SIA—to name a few iconic names on their “bucket list”. If they had their pick of producers, being in the studio with such respected names as RICK RUBIN, ALEX DA KID and DR. LUKE…would definitely blow them away! Last year they launched their first EP, “On the Rocks”, with a tour to promote and support it, appropriately named “Hearts of Fire”. They kicked it off in style at the legendary GRAMERCY THEATER in NYC, setting the tone for the level of musicianship and entertainment they would be bringing to their dedicated fan base. They worked their way through the Southeast, and went on to open for singer/songwriter/record producer CEELO GREEN at the “Alive At Five Festival” in Stanford, CT, and ultimately landed in one of Nashville’s coolest venues, HONKY TONK CENTRAL. And 2017 is already shaping up to be a year of milestones--they participated in “Canadian Music Week” in April, and in May, left their hearts on the stage at the prestigious 3-day music festival in Pryor, Oklahoma, “Rocklahoma”—a notable notch in their “festival belt”--adding to their already impressive resume of performances! Their “Hearts of Fire” tour is still ablaze, and at the rate they’re going, there’s no telling what city or venue they’ll hit next—for these “hearts” are unstoppable! Wild Planes’ goals are not uncommon for today’s independent artist; they strive to do what they love, and do it often. In the short run, they’d like to become full time musicians, where their agenda includes frequent practices, performances, touring and opening for large headliners…all the while, building and connecting with their fans. As far as further down the line, they said, “In ten years’ time, we’d love to see ourselves signed, touring as a headliner and living the dream.” They might even consider trading in their current ride, affectionately known as “Tubby”, for a “Wild Plane” all their own! And why not? With their hearts in the right place—and by keeping their eyes on the prize--there’s no doubt they will accomplish all they set out to do. What resonates the most from these four very talented and charismatic musicians, is that they absolutely love what they do--and there are truly no egos in the group. They are very quick to mention that all of their songs are a collaborative effort, and that they equally partake in the creation, from music to lyrics. They maintain a “team” mentality and work it all out together—but they are quick to point out the “other” players on the team. They emphatically share, “We would also like to add, if it weren't for our best friends RON GEFFEN (Producer/Rockland Studio) and JUSTIN FRABASILE (Photographer/Videographer), we wouldn't have our songs, photos or videos. These two guys help bring our band to life and give us the content we need to keep the dream alive. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a huge shout of gratitude to ANITA SAYAGO of