ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 68

Story by Anita Sayago/Edana Entertainment • Music by Wild Planes “Tell Nobody” • Photo by Justin Frabby Frabasile • What do you get when you blend the genres of Rock, Pop, and R&B? The answer would be…you’d get a unique, vibrant, super-charged sound that goes by the name “WILD PLANES”. This band of brothers and best friends have been musicians individually and collectively for over 10 years. While they are not brothers in the “blood” sense, they may as well be! Front man KRIS KARMELLO leads the band with his incredible sultry vocals; delivering a velvety tone all his own. Drummer ANDRE JEVNIK strikes with sticks of lightning speed, and like all great drummers, knows it’s not only about the notes you play, but the ones you don’t…and