ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 60

Part two of the evening started with an acoustic session with Alex and Dan, then built up to a fabulous climax of “Ain’t No Love”, followed by “Big Bad Wolf” ( Normally the bass player is the “quiet one” in the band. Not the case here--for this particular song, Mikey dons a wolf mask and takes centre stage--“wolfing around” and giving the audience the evil eye. Before the evening’s culmination, the boys played a great rendition of “Show Me the Money” ( with definite changes to the song since they performed it when Jane was handling vocals. There was some energetic interplay between the 3 guitarists--at one point, all three on two guitars—which really portrayed their showmanship and brought the crowd to their feet wanting more! The fans got their wish with an enthusiastic encore, in which the band joined the crowd at one point, much to the delight of the audience. These boys are going to be big if they continue their progress in this direction…and from what I witnessed, they are on the right track; truly a winning combination! As HAYDN HART, who is a big fan said, “The mighty Red Butler came to the Hawth last night and demonstrated why they are one of the best brilliant young bands to watch. These boys are the real deal, and the future of rock/blues is safe in their hands.” He said what every fan was thinking as they left the Hawth that evening. Onwards and upwards, lads! •