ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 4

Music by Trapdoor Social “Winning As Truth” Happy Anniversary, ION Indie Magazine! It’s been three years since we launched our “Little Engine That Could” publication back in June of 2014--and like all things, some things change--and some things remain the same. Although the look of this publication has gone through a few modifications, we remain steadfast in our resolve to “get independent music read about, seen and HEARD!” And we certainly have not waivered one iota in our mission to provide valuable media coverage for career- minded indie artists globally. It’s the intensive dedication of our volunteer staff that has contributed to ION Indie Magazine being the fastest growing all-genre independent music publication today. We are…the initiative for indie music worldwide! Regarding changes that are GOOD, we’ve made some recent moves in our management staff. Senior Photojournalist DANIEL JOHNSON steps into the role of Media Coverage Coordinator, with Senior Photojournalist MARK MYERS vacating that position to head up our various sites as Social Media Manager. Congratulations to these hard-working journalists! They round out the rest of the management staff: JB BRIDGES, Managing Editor, JERE PERRY, Broadcast Media Coordinator, and JAY PETSKO, Art Director. Thank you to these staff members…and ALL of the ION team, who month after month, continue to deliver quality journalism. They are: TIMOTHY SCHUMANN, LEE HOFFMAN, TIM CAMPBELL, GREG HILD, GRAHAM WHITTINGTON, SHAWN JOSEPH, BRUCE LENZI, and SHELDON SNOW. This editor salutes you! After all…you make me look good! This June 2017 issue features the Columbus, Ohio-based band ZOO TRIPPIN’. Senior Journalist Tim Campbell delivers the 411 on this bombastic band inside these pages. Also in this edition, check out all the sizzling sites from CAROLINA REBELLION, straight from the lens of Senior Photojournalist Mark Myers. Finally, a huge shout of gratitude to YOU, our readers, for coming back to our pages time and time again. We appreciate you for supporting this publication…and also, in turn, for supporting your local music scene—everywhere! Thank YOU! “Music isn’t what I do, it’s who I am. Music is a life force that beats within. It permeates the senses and encompasses the spirit. Music transcends. It heals the heart, purges the soul and provides refuge from pain. Music is immortal.” ~The Fairy Rock Mother