ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 39

Story and Photography By Timothy Schumann Of all the national acts I've shot and written a review of that show for this publication, this review will be a first. Why? Simply because these boys are FROM El Paso. They made it big, broke up, and began separate acts…finally reuniting to release their first album in 17 years on May 5 th …and it was the very next day, right here in El Paso, their home town, that they kicked off their world tour. Of course, I’m talking about AT THE DRIVE IN! I have lived here for the past six years, doing the photojournalist gig for the past three. With that said, I had heard of them, heard of the spin-off bands by the members…bands such as THE MARS VOLTA, SLEEPERCAR, and SPARTA. But always lurking in the undercurrent was At the Drive In. Let’s review some facts. They have been around since 1994, with their first release dropping in ’96, with two more over the next four years. They broke up in 2000, hence, all the side projects. They did re- unite in 2013, just for that one year. But it was the second re-uniting in 2016 that “stuck”…and is running strong at this point. Touring is an old friend to this band—with festivals like “Coachella”, “Reading and Leeds” and “Lollapalooza” being standard gigs. But the grind of recording/touring, recording/touring--six straight years’ worth--was one of the reasons for the band’s break up back in 2000. Though in existence for 23 years, they’ve only been together 9 years as At the Drive In. When I heard they were coming to the EL PASO COUNTY COLISEUM on May 6th, I knew this was going to be huge…and so did the fans of El Paso. There were all the elements in