ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 31

SUN CITY FAIR here in El Paso, Texas, ran for two weeks, I had the pleasure of shooting all the national acts that were scheduled to perform during that period of time, and on April 14th it was FILTER's turn to get in front of my camera. I’m not a huge fan, but you would have to have been living under a rock not to know who they are. They have been around since 1993, with “Short Bus” being their first release in 1995, and due to the huge success of the single off of that album, "Hey Man, Nice Shot", that LP went platinum. RICHARD PATRICK is the only original member. He was a touring guitarist with NINE INCH NAILS, left them to form Filter--and hasn't looked back since. With 7 albums in 21 years--not to mention, Richard was getting to be known for his soundtrack contributions. There was a break from ‘03 to ‘08, and when reformed, JOHN 5 was in the lineup, but just for that year. I was able to get in on the “meet and greet” before the show, converse with the band and grab some photos--that whole experience was a real treat. Now the downside was, this show was poorly promoted, no more than 200 people were in attendance, which does sadden me. But this IS El Paso, not a huge metropolitan city. Regardless of this fact, Filter put on one hell of a show! If Richard wanted to connect with a smaller crowd, he truly got what he wanted here. The people who did show up were true fans and got their hair blown back for those crazy 90 minutes. Richard Patrick is one of the best, and had the crowd eating out of his hands with hits like ”What Do You Say?”, “Welcome to the Fold”, “Soldiers of Misfortune”, and of course, “Hey Man, Nice Shot”--which truth be told, was the song I was waiting for and it was right on point. I had a great time this year at Sun City Fair. The bands they had on the roster were top drawer, no question there. I just wish there had been a better turn out for the lot, but those that did show up were thoroughly entertained. No doubt, Filter will be remembered for the stellar “second to none” performance they put on--especially by those rabid fans in the front row. As far as I could tell Richard can--and will--put a spell on you…a spell that will turn you into a fan of this classic national act. •