ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 19

TONY: We checked off a lot of goals with “Purple”. We wanted to make a full length record, and we did it. We wanted to make a concept record, and we did it. For the listening public, those personal goals won’t mean much. We have released three EP’s already, and we know that nothing will happen with this record if we don’t make it happen ourselves. There is so much access to music throughout the world because of the internet. We CANNOT get lost in the shufe. No matter how much you want the support of the music industry in order to grow, you gotta be able to do it yourself. ION: In a scenario where I have a whole world of music on my phone, why should I go to Zoo Trippin’? TONY: Zoo Trippin’ is a home-built and home-grown product. We have been a band that does everything ourselves, and will continue as long as we have to. We believe in ourselves that much, and we want to make you a believer as well. AUSTIN: Since we aren’t nailed down to one genre, we appeal to a wide audience. We denitely have something for everybody. DREW: Talking to fans, I nd that we win people over when they see us live. They see how much we love music and how much we love playing together. We have a blast and when people see us, that’s obvious. TONY: When people see how much fun we are having and how we chose to behave in a public setting, they pick up on that and want to join in on the fun. ION: What are your long term goals for the band? TONY: Big picture, we want to build a platform to share our collective message as far as possible. Short term, we want to tour and promote the record. STEVE: Lynn and I are already writing the next record.