ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 18

LYNN: It has a lot to do with unity and inclusiveness; bringing everyone together regardless of race, gender or class. That is a gloried philosophy that will never truly be accomplished. We tried to reect that in the music. About half of the songs end with a deceptive cadence, which means they don’t resolve like the end of a typical song. Also, I was researching chromeo-synesthesia, the idea that when you hear a certain sound, you see a specic color. The album is called “Purple”, and it has two sides, red and blue. Blue songs were set in specic keys and the red side worked with a different set of keys. Both sides of the album also feature “purple” tracks that blend the two sides. I tried to show those differences stylistically as well. This albums has a lot of avors, from blues to funk to metal. DREW: We are taught all our lives that red and blue are opposites, it’s a polarizing concept…hot and cold, Crypts and Bloods, Republican and Democrat, re and ice; they are complete opposites. In the world today, pe