ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 16

ION (TIM CAMPBELL): It’s been a busy year since your last EP. Take me through the process of preparing for this new record. STEVE HATMAKER: From the writing side of it, the rst few months of getting everything together was pretty stressful. We wrote 16 songs and picked 11 of them for the album. The deadline was creeping up, and we were sweating. But we went to Joey’s (ORANJUDIO RECORDING STUDIO), and it just turned out great. LYNN ROOSE III: I gave everyone a deadline to have all the songs written by the end of 2016. We were going into the studio January 22nd, which gave us a month to rehearse. By December 1st, we only had half the album written. That last month was total crunch time. DREW DIMITROVSKI: Lynn saved our ass. He was that dude you thanked God was in your group for an assignment. It was a core effort, but Lynn and Steve drove the writing process. We would work and change things as we go, and we had a few songs that were show-ready prior to recording. We felt more comfortable with recording once we played some of this material live, but we were still structuring some material in the studio. STEVE: Which was scary. The time we all spent together was just “grind, grind, grind” nonstop. Eventually, we got to the point where we could sit down and listen to tracks and feel good about them. LYNN: Joey (GURWIN/Oranjudio Recording Studio) worked us really hard. It was great to work with an engineer and producer who cared about our sound as much as we did. ION: Take me through the concept of the album. TONY CASA: We have always seen concept records that carry the same musical theme throughout, and the concept is strictly lyrical. That is not what we wanted to do. Lyrically, we wanted to talk about nding the middle; nding the blend in the battle of red vs. blue. It’s not only a push and pull between you and other people, but the push and pull within yourself. I am trying to nd a happy medium within myself, between recognizing the world’s problems and being a person who only cares about myself.