ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 12

Anthony Krizan, veteran of the iconic jamband Spin Doctors, was spotlighted by ION’s Art Director and Journalist, Jay Petsko (October 2016)., Anthony continues to play live and write good music, with no sign of slowing down. He has been busy performing, with a number of New Jersey gigs scheduled--and there is even talk of shows past the Mason Dixon line. In spite of his challenging schedule, he’s been able to sneak in a few song ideas--picking up right where “Dust and Bone” left off. Anthony continues to shine, as his playing is at the top of his game. There is a rumored reunion in the works, but to be clear, he is neither taking a spin nor going to a doctor. Catch up with Anthony at: The talented North Carolina-based band Beyond The Fade reports that they have been pushing hard and have finally solidified their lineup—with the addition of Michael Russo on drums and Ethan Gibbons on bass and backing vocals. They’ve also begun writing on their next album, and their immediate future plans include touring on a national level later this year, and there are even hopes of a European run next year! In the meantime, BTF is polishing and tightening their set, stage shows and equipment, in preparation for what’s next in their journey. Be on the lookout for Beyond the Fade, they are coming to a city near you very soon! Follow along with Beyond The Fade at: This holiday 2016 edition of ION Indie Magazine was a collaborative effort by Senior Photojournalists Mark Myers and Daniel Johnson, and spotlighted the “larger than life” band Sygnal To Noise. We reached out to frontman Coopa of Sygnal To Noise, and according to him: “We just finished our new album ‘Horns High’, which will be available for pre-order in June on iTunes and the release date will be 7.1.2017. Our drummer Austin has left the band and has been replaced with veteran rocker Sonny Robinson. He comes to us from the band Twisted Roots. We have a tour being scheduled for this year in support of the new album.” You can follow this talented band at their Facebook page at: Since kicking off the New Year in a feature by Journalist Bruce Lenzi, 100 Watt Vipers share ́ѡЁѡ䁅ɔѥɕѼɕɐѡȁѠմ)ͱѕȁMѕȀܸQeٔͼɕѱɕ͕ѡȁݕ)٥qeЁ9 ɕȁQ́QtɽѡȁѕЁմq!չ)QɅIt́ȁѽɥͥ́她ѡȁɵѵЁ)̰ѡ䁅ɔͽ́͡0ѡMչ͕ЁMɥɔ)ѽ݅ɐхѡȁͥqɽ́ѡtQ䁅ɔͼ)Ʌѥ齻ẽq Օ́յϊt́ɵ䁅ѡ)T,QхQх́Օ́մݹ́ɵ丁Yͥ)ѡ]ЁYϊdݕͥє聡輼݅٥ͽ