ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 106

Slowly but surely life is unfolding for every one of us. Envision your dreams and make them a reality. You can achieve anything you desire if you maintain focus and drive. Do not let the world drown you with negativity. Spoken words can build or burn bridges based upon their use. I have been striving for excellence and you should do the same. There is nothing greater than the feeling inside of a dream realized. What is your passion? What fuels your engine? ANIMOSITY WITHIN By Shawn Joseph Colorful leaves all around Emptying the silent fright Slowly staring at the ground Waiting for another flight Understanding is slightly blurred By the words the ears have heard Visions so clear Never to appear Only when we are near Let reality steer Engaging the night Embracing the light Veering astray Consumed by today As we enter the summer solstice, I am grateful for all of you. Whether you are singing, painting, writing, or simply dreaming awake. Forging yourself into art, and sharing your essence with the world takes courage. I commend you for believing in yourself in a world that teaches us not to dream. If you have words you’d like to share, send them my way! I would love to help you be heard! Lyric submissions should be sent to Please include your band affiliation as well as two links to your online presence. #BeTheRevolution - Get out and make a POSITIVE name for you and your band! Together we can make the music industry whole again! Until next time, I bid you farewell!