ION INDIE MAGAZINE June 2017, Volume 37 - Page 105

By Shawn Joseph • Music by TFP “Whole” Photography by Chaotic Embrace • Model: Jessica Lynne Welcome back my friends, to the place where sanity ends. Crawling at a brand-new pace, inspiration has our presence, once again, graced. Empty your thoughts and free your mind. Kick up your feet--for now is the time. Wandering and wondering about life’s journey has me singing a new tune these days. With all the darkness in this world, we must find a way to endure without losing sight of our dreams. With the sea of negativity that flows throughout, it is a never-ending battle. This marks three years, yes: THREE YEARS that the ION initiative has been making waves and highlighting names within the independent music world! It seems like only yesterday that The Fairy Rock Mother entered into my existence as a mentor, friend, and most of all, family. While making every effort to inject integrity and inspiration into the vastly corporate overshadowed industry, Kiki has been changing lives, whether she knows it or not. As I ponder the meaning of life and the number 42, I am enamored by the ION vision. It grabbed hold of my soul the spring of 2015 and hasn’t let go since. The revolution is happening right now...and it begins with YOU! You are the catalyst in continuing the ION legacy. Stand up and make your voice heard! Decisions, decisions, and more decisions…this is what we as musician, as humans, face every day. The ability to make a choice is often taken for granted. This month I had an artist pin point this issue almost perfectly in this next piece. THE BEEKEEPERS are a trio from Connecticut, with an incredibly unique sound that I would describe as alternative-blues-folk. INDECISION By Sylvie Abate I’ve been living in the future And I’ve been living in the past I’m not sure what I’ve lost I’m not sure what will last And I’m thinking about a new direction I’m thinking that it is time to leave I’m not sure what to lose I’m not sure what to keep And I’m drowning in this indecision I’m lost in miscommunication I think you’re everything that I can’t live with or without... I packed my suitcase yesterday I wasn’t sure if I should stop I packed my suitcase anyway I put your photo on the top Now I imagine that I’m in my car I see you in the rear-view mirror I’m not sure what I’ve lost I’m not sure if I’ll be back I’m not sure what I’ve lost I’m not sure if I’ll be back I’m not sure what I’ve lost I'm not sure if I'll be back I’m not sure what I’ve lost And I’m not sure if I’ll be back Check out more of The BeeKeepers here: Be certain to check out the video for “Indecision”: