ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 95

I was told about this band, that they were a “must” to see, and as fate would have it, two weeks later, they were doing a gig here in town--and I say "in town"--well, they are a local act, but half of the band is from here and the other half is from Juarez, Mexico. So, with that said, I bring you ORCUS O DIS. As I took in their show, it did remind me of WHITECHAPEL, with the death growl and stage presence. I was thoroughly impressed. The band consists of six members, ages 21 to 35, it is ALFREDO ROCHA doing the vocals, IAN DELGADO on Bass, EMMANUEL GONZALEZ on guitar, DAVID NUNEZ on drums, MARKUS BANDA on guitar and JESUS FUENTES on the keyboards. Now the boys have been around for a while, 12 years to be exact--except for Markus and Jesus--who have been in the lineup for the past nine months. They did a Battle of the Metal Bands in Mexico City back in 2010 and took 4th place out of 25 bands that participated--which won them a slot in a Metal show in Germany, as well as they were on the bill with the HAVOC tour in Mexico City in 2014. They came out with an EP in 2008 and also have a video on YouTube called "IXCH" (pronounced ee-x-ch). Influences are CANNIBAL CORPSE, CHILDREN OF BODEM and IN FLAMES. They have studio time slated for next month, with half the album being done here in El Paso and the other half completed in Juarez, Mexico. Now here's a little fun fact, Alfredo--who does the outstanding vocals for this band--sings in English, but doesn't understand the language. He for the most part, only speaks Spanish…strange huh? But regardless of whether he understands English or not, this guy puts on one fantastic show--one of the best front men I've seen, especially for a local act. In closing, it was my sheer pleasure sitting down with these young men to do the interview. They treated me with all the respect in the world, not to mention the brutal performance they had just finished with. It’s bands of this caliber that I seek out here in this border town--an act that just jumps off the page; a band that deserves to be showcased in this publication. Hence, I bring you, Orcus O Dis.