ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 9

Scotty J: Being raised in a musical family, when did you know this was a career--or should I say "life"--that you wanted for yourself? Laura Cheadle: Like I said, it's what I've always known. I would say I knew this was what I was meant to do when I began writing my own music and people started really relating to it and coming out to my shows. There is no “high” like the performance high. I crave that stage and live to perform. Scotty J: What is it about the Blues/Jazz style music that inspires you? Why not Pop, Rock--or some other genre of music? Talk to me about what this style of music means to you. Laura Cheadle: I have many albums that are singer-songwriter from the past, but they always had a funky groove to them. I grew up with my father, who is a pro Jazz and Blues player, so I know it's in my blood. As the years have progressed, I lived a little and really found my “Blues” voice. For me, I had to grow into this voice and experience heartbreak and life. Blues speaks to me so much and is like riding a bike--it comes so smoothly and feels right. Scotty J: Are there any particular role models or influences you've drawn from within the industry? Any other particular artists that have had an effect on you? Laura Cheadle: My father, first and foremost…I am also a super fan of Stevie Wonder. His music, instrumentation and voice is just beyond. I love BB King and so thankful I got to see him before he passed away. I really dig all of the older artists, as I really feel the music. Scotty J: What's next for Laura Cheadle? Talk to me about some of your projects on the horizon. Laura Cheadle: I am currently in the studio recording a new album…I just can’t stay away! I will also be touring quite a bit--do stay tuned on My latest album is “Where The Blue s Hangs Out”--now available on iTunes and on my web site. I also have a Christmas Blues single, “Red Ain't Everything”--also available on iTunes.