ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 88

Photo credit: Michael Giguere is to apply the non-musical skill-sets of the members to the business end of the band. Danny does the booking, overall band management and the video shooting, editing and creating; applying his day-job skills to the band, doing the work. Kenny provides much of the band art and public relations, doing what he does best. Work! Johnny--who during the sunshine time is a huge name in the regional I.T. game-provides all of the website related needs...that's a huge asset to any band. Eddie Gunz, is the resident comedian and enforcer (a dangerous combination ladies). Work, dedication, experience and skill...remember? Danny points out, “Good things come out of necessity.” With CircleSwitch, indeed they do. The more the band keeps the work needed “in house” there is a greater possibility for the combined natural creativity to work its way into every aspect of the project. Kenny reflects on the question: Why even still do it? Hmmm...damn good question. The answer is: “Because you don't have a’s something that comes from deep within.” “Gratification” and “satisfaction” are words that pass his lips. For musicians that get to this level, it isn't to scratch some curiosity-itch. It’s a primal and basic need—it’s air, food, family and music. That's the vibe I get hanging out with these guys. You might be surprised how many killer bands there are in South East Wisconsin. Every style, genre and slo B