ION INDIE MAGAZINE December 2015, Volume 19 - Page 84

Eric: Are there any bands or music that have influenced you when it comes to your song writing, or is it more “This is Edisun--and this is what we write”? Ethan Isaac: It’s a collective mix of both…from the bands we grew up listening to and just from one another. This latest record though was unique. We spent time being a band and had a great producer who made us become better musicians, and songwriters, and we pulled from one another. And it was a very organic experience. Eric: To have the longevity that you have been able to maintain, you have to sit down and take the time to grow as a band, to learn as a band to essentially evolve as a band and as individuals. Ethan Isaac: That’s right. And that’s why it took us awhile to get the new record out. Our last record came out 2011-2012, and we weren’t going to put a record out and not take the time and enjoy the writing process and recording process and producing a record that we all liked and that the fans liked. We wanted a record that there was a song on it for everyone, and we wanted it to be a record that we would want to buy. Eric: The new record does connect with everyone and there is truly a song for everyone. We have all bought records that there are a couple songs that stick out, but not the whole record--and that’s a great thing for you. Joel Kelly: It’s almost like making a “greatest hits”, because now a-days, people buy one or two songs from and album. But the new record is the complete package-you have your acoustic songs, your heavy songs and songs that just appeal to everyone…which makes the album really diverse. Eric: Where does Edisun call home? Ethan Isaac: New England is where we call home, and for us to live everywhere else would give me a heart attack. It’s hard enough just getting together when we live close and it’s important to have that solid foundation and somewhere to call home for the band to grow and stay close. Eric: How important is social media to bands? Ethan Isaac: It’s what’s commanding the industry right now. It allows you the ability to reach people you might never reach, but takes it also takes the mystery out of music… those are the ups and downs. Eric: What do you see on the horizon for Edisun?